Bali Model Agency, founded in 2018, is the sister company of Baliprod, a photo and video production agency established in Indonesia in 2015.
The new division was created as the demand for male models and female models drastically increased in Bali.
Bali Model Agency provides both Indonesian models and International models, showcasing a diversity in an ever demanding market requiring fresh new looks.
Catering to the needs of our own photo and video productions and the demands of both local and International brands, Bali Model Agency is a full service agency providing male and female models, kids, photographers, hair & make up artists, stylists, actors and dancers.
Bali Model Agency and Baliprod combined are the islands leader in providing all your creative needs for your next campaign.


More than a model agency

Bali Model Agency proudly embraces diversity and inclusiveness with talents not only from Bali
but from all over the world.

We empower the talents we represent so that they shine, and their voices are heard.
We are not just a talent agency but a family and a community.